Born in Buenos Aires in 1979, Santiago is an Argentinian-Italian Music Conductor, Composer and Scholar of the philosophical traditions of the East and West. Dr. Lusardi Girelli has worked as lecturer and choir and orchestra conductor and in more than 20 countries in Europe, South America, Africa and Asia for the last 20 years. He holds Master degrees in Orchestra, Choir conduction,  Philosophy, and a PhD in Aesthetics and Philosophy. As the result more than ten years of research on Indian Philosophy he has published his Thesis on Buddhist Phenomenology and Hindu Ritualism and its links with Western Music & Art Tradition. Santiago has conducted choirs and orchestras, professional and amateurs, around the world throughout more than 300 concerts, and leaded music tours in several countries, from the Amazonas Rain Forest to Leipzig-Germany (J.S. Bach´s city); and from Peruvian Machu Pichu to the Indian Himalayas. His enthusiasm, leadership and passion for music, philosophy and cultures have led him to accomplish several important achievements and recognitions that have earned him the esteem of the local and international press alike. 

        Furthermore, Santiago has been involved in a wide range of music educational cooperation projects around the globe as researcher, music director and educator, as the worldwide known EL SISTEMA in Latin America for more 5 years; and as composer and researcher he has released dozens of original compositions of choral and orchestra music, combining ancient music traditions with contemporary composing techniques. He has published articles and essays on philosophy, music and theology as well. As Music director and composer he released more than 30 album productions, and conducted hundreds of symphonic, choral, opera and musical concerts.

   Currently located in Spain and India, Dr. Santiago Lusardi Girelli holds the Anthony Gonsalves Chair as Visiting Research Professor at the Goa University in India, working as lecturing professor and conductor of the Goa University Choir -the very first University choir of India-, he also collaborates as Lecturer, Composer and Guest Conductor with different Universities and professional orchestras and choirs  from South America, Africa, Europe and India. 

Buscar la belleza  en la verdad es ser filósofo, buscar la verdad en la belleza es ser artista

To look for beauty in truth is to be a philosopher, to seek the truth in beauty is to be an artist

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